Functions of SPEG

The basic funtions of SPEG are:

Quality Policy Statement

SPEG is a long established group of pineapple exporters specialized in the export of pineapples, (cv. Smooth Cayenne, MD2, Queen, Sugar loaf). Our intention is to make sure that good quality pineapples from members are shipped in order to satisfy the demands of our customers over and above any of our competitors.

To achieve this we ensure that members are actively encouraged to work towards recocognized quality/standard certification such as GLOBALPGAP as well as maintaining an on-farm and packhouse pre-shipment inspection.

Compliance with the national and international standards is ensured by SPEG’s policy of total member awareness and actively encouraging them to participate in all training. As a result of our full commitment to this policy, we have achieved the reputation of being one of the largest pineapple exporters in the country exporting over 25,000MT of pineapples.

Quality Production

Quality Products