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 About Sea-freight Pineapple Exporters of Ghana

Sea-freight Pineapple Exporters of Ghana (SPEG) is a professional organized body with specialization in the export of high quality pineapples produced under good agricultural practice. Our reputation has long been established. We believe in stringent standards of hygiene and process control which allow us to provide a consistent and reliable selection of high quality products. We are committed to using up to date technology in the export of produce for sales...

 Functions of SPEG
Pineapples in Ghana
 The basic functions of SPEG are:
  1. Arrange sea-freight space on assigned vessels.
  2. Consolidate cargo for vessel operators.
  3. Co-ordinates shipping arrangements on behalf of its members.
  4. Oversee loading of cargo at the port and prepare all documents covering exporters' shipments.
  5. Undertake lobbying of Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Service Providers on policies that will promote pineapple production and export...
Through the effect of exporting companies and with the support of Government of Ghana and other non-governmental organizations and donors, the following varieties of pineapples are now available in Ghana in commercial quantities for export:
  1. Smooth Cayenne
  2. Queen Victoria
  3. MD2
  4. Sugar  Loaf


Through the collaboration effects of various stakeholders, member companies have adopted Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), developed internal control systems and have successfully obtained certification to the Global GAP Integration Farm Assurance Standards.

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SPEG is exhibiting at the Fruit Logistica 2014 fair in Berlin, Germany from the 5th-7th February. 2014.

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SPEG will be participating in the WOP DUBAI 2013 International Perishable Expo Middle East scheduled from the 17th to 19th...
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+82nd IZMIR FAIR 2013

SPEG is participating in the 82nd IZMIR International Fair from 29th August to 2nd September, 2013 in Istanbul.

For over 81...
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This is to inform you of meetings being arranged by PPRSD for a Mission from the Dutch Ministry of...
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SPEG is exhibiting at the Fruit Logistica 2013 fair in Berlin, Germany from the 6th-8th February. 2013.

SPEG will be at...
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